About me

🌿Welcome to Shoshin Nature Connection🌿

Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism defined as “the practice of seeing life with WONDER, having a beginner’s mind”. I am a seeker of beauty and a lover of nature. I try to live each day with wide-eyed wonder, following my curiosity, wherever it might lead. I believe the world surrounding us is full of magic, and that same magic lives within us. By way of beauty, wonder and magic it is my heart’s desire to enrich the lives of others through the healing power of nature, while rediscovering true connection with ourselves and others. Now more than ever, we need REAL connection. The kind of connection where our souls are nourished and renewed, so that we can then share it with those around us, because we are truly ONE. 

It is my hope that when you come to visit me here, you will feel enveloped in lightness and serenity, filled with inspiration to take into your day. The world can begin to feel so dark and heavy at times, but we must always cultivate our child-like wonder and keep our eyes open to the beauty...it is there for us to find. I am here to remind you of this...come take my hand...we will find it together. 

I am an IIN Certified Wellness Coach and Nature Connection Guide, following in the tradition of Shinrin-Yoku, the Japanese practice of forest bathing. Slow, meditative walks where all senses open up to the natural world and it’s magic. 

I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my husband Matt and step-daughter Reaiah. The things that light my heart up are spending time with my husband, step-children and three grown children Joshua, Rylea and Hannah, daughter-in-law Elena and 4 grandchildren, connecting with dear friends, spending time in the mountains whether it’s a slow walk or an easygoing hike, taking pictures along the way of the beauty that calls to me, early morning and late day sunlight (I will forever be a light-chaser), exploring plant-based restaurants in the area, finding treasures at a local Goodwill store, dark chocolate, listening to a wide variety of podcasts and audiobooks, live music, neuroscience, stretching with Essentrics... and wherever else my curiosity takes me❤️

Shannon Seale

📷 all photographs are my own, unless otherwise noted