Wonder Walks


One on one, small groups, families. With a beginner’s mind and full of wonder, we will take a meditative walk in nature, opening up all five senses to our surroundings. Reduce stress, regulate your nervous system, clear your mind of distractions and boost your creativity. Come away nourished by nature as your wide-eyed curious inner child comes alive. 


Digital Minimalism


  Support in finding a healthy balance with technology, bringing intention into our daily use. Too often we are unaware of how many times we turn to our devices, filling spaces where quiet reflection and boredom are necessary for our overall well-being. Let’s discover ways that technology can be a helpful tool instead of a controlling addiction. 

Beauty Seeker


Creating inspiration and awareness of the miraculous beauty surrounding us in our everyday lives through the simplicity of a smartphone camera. Become a Beauty who has the ability to find it in even the most mundane parts of’s there...all around you. Let’s open our eyes together!